As fall is finally here and the weather is so nice (well most days anyway), I am taken back to last fall and all of the fun things that happen at this time in the year! There are parties, dances, homecoming, and so much more. One thing that has been very different for me this year is I feel as though I no longer have my companions. I thought it would be cool to share some photos of some of those really fun memories I made with Old Married Woman, Big, and Jackson (check out the friend bios page for more info).

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Those days were a blast, and that’s not to say that I am not having so much fun my senior year, the dynamics have just changed. It has been a pretty hard week without my best friends to sit and eat breakfast with or talk to during an editing class, and I am still getting used to not having them here all the time. Fall is here and its time to start the change in my life with learning from all three of them and starting to understand what kinds of things I should be doing at this point in my senior year.