The daunting task of enrolling is approaching quickly. As I am preparing to enroll for the last semester of my undergraduate career, many things are going through my head. I am taken back to last year when OMW, Big, and Jackson were going through this same situation.

The idea of finding a job is becoming more real every day. The joke about, “I have about a year to figure it out” is beginning to turn into “I need to figure out what I’m going to do right about now.”

My three friends bring me back to reality. I look to what the three of them are doing. How they got to where they currently are, and I don’t worry as much. They each are doing something they are so passionate about and when I talk to them, my stress level decreases immensely. I know that it will all work out and that there is a plan lied out for me, I just have to keep trucking to stay on the path.

On Thursday when I make my class decisions for next semester, I will look forward to the times I am going to have. I will no longer dread next semester, but be excited to start new. I want to leave a legacy behind at OCU like my three friends did. I want my Professors to remember big things I accomplished here. I want to make people who have given so much to me, proud. I want to leave OCU with a bang!