Well, it is that time of the year again. The time when Greek life pulls together all of its resources and somehow manages to survive a week from hell. Literally, no sleep, junk food galore, and brutal competition. Now I will say that we do try to refrain from that last bit as much as possible, but it truly is a fight for that trophy.

When I think about all of the hard work that goes into homecoming year after year, I struggle to believe this is my last homecoming as a collegian. Every year we pull together a banner, a window, a spirit structure, and a whole lip sync performance and we just barely kill each other in the process.

This year, I don’t have Big here to help me. Last year we pulled our brains together and came up with one of the most amazing spirit structures I have ever seen. This year I am all alone in this, and it is weird. Truly this post is to reminisce on the past homecomings I’ve had with sisters, with Big and OMW, and how much fun it is in the end.


This is my right hand women! I can’t imagine going through Homecoming this year without her.


Here is Big, OMW, and I at Homecoming my freshman, their sophomore year. Boy have the three of us changed.


Here is OMW and I at one of the Homecoming games. We are pretending to have crowns on our head, because that’s what we do.


These are just a few of my sisters and I preparing for the Lip Sync competition. Man were we goofy looking.


Big and I built this amazing 18 feet tall spirit structure last year that resembled the Gold Star Building. It was amazing.


Just casually acting as one of the Miss America Statues in the Lip Sync Competition.


Here is Big and I and another sister at the Homecoming game last year. It won’t be the same without her.


Another picture of the fabulous structure. I still can’t believe we achieved that.