As Thanksgiving approaches, the excitement of the holidays is upon us. Recently, I have received a lot of backlash because of my lack of Christmas spirit. Christmas isn’t my favorite holiday. I have been compared to the Grinch by many thus far. It’s not that I don’t like Christmas, it’s that I don’t like everything that comes with it.

However, I will say that the one thing Christmas brings is a nice, long break. During this break, I am looking forward to seeing Big, Jackson, and OMW. The end of this semester has been so crazy that seeing them almost never happens. This is the positive I have discovered in the joyful Christmas music and decorations everywhere.

The holidays also bring time with family. I can’t wait to sit on the couch with my mom and catch up on all of our TV shows. I guess the moral of this post is that regardless of this holiday, I am looking forward to some time off and time spent with friends and family. Bring on the red and green.