Throughout this entire semester I continuously wondered when the real senioritis would kick in. I went through this whole semester and about half way through is when it really hit. I also have realized what my three friends were going through and how they were feeling right about now. The motivation is lacking and the drive to succeed is no longer there. However, I do have some advice on how to survive this terrible, self diagnosed illness.

1. You don’t really have it until you are senior.

I must say that there are so many people that say, “Oh, I definitely have senioritis and I’m not even a senior.” No, you don’t. Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel creates an entirely new perspective for a person. Knowing that you are so close, yet you still have to do homework and listen to people tell you what to do become extremely difficult. I think this is because you are adult. Most of us are working already and beginning to function without the help of our parents, yet people are still telling us we have to do this or that. If you aren’t a senior, just wait, you will understand what senioritis truly is very soon.

2. People know you don’t care.

This is a blessing and a curse. Most everyone knows that you don’t care. Older and younger people feel you pain, because they have either been in the same situation or they can relate to you. It really isn’t that you don’t care, it really is that you just don’t have the motivation to do anything. I struggle with understanding how certain things are actually going to benefit me. I have talked to my three friends and hearing some of the things that don’t actually matter in the real world doesn’t help me to accomplish much either. This leads me into my next tip.

3. Don’t ruin people’s image of you.

This is probably the hardest one to do. I have joked all this semester about being an under achiever. There are many times when I have just wanted to be lazy and not go to class or do an assignment, but that doesn’t help me much. Our professors work hard to provide the material they teach, so just do what they ask you to do. It’s going to suck, but just deal with it. Speaking for myself, I want to leave my University having been successful and not letting my last year ruin everything for me.

4. At least try.

This is pretty self explanatory. At least try to do what you’re asked. Even if it isn’t your best work (which your professor will know anyway) at least you can say you tried. At one point this semester I really didn’t want to do an assignment, but I just tried and I felt a lot better about myself afterward for it. Trying is the easiest way to at least sort of get through things.

5. Breathe and know you can do it.

The fact of the matter is that things will get done. Whether they are done well or an hour before, they seem to always get done. Stressing about something only hurts you, there is no reason to stress. I survived two of the hardest classes I have ever taken and I did pretty well in both of them. This is the perfect example of just taking a deep breath and getting your stuff done. Who knows you might actually do well.

As I wrap up this semester and prepare for my last semester of school ever, I am scared. The fear is truly there, but there is also some excitement looming around as well. I can’t wait to embrace every moment this last semester has to offer and I am going to continue to remember these tips because they will be even more important when the light gets closer and closer. Here’s to the first semester of senior year being done and growing up. What tips do you have for surviving senioritis?