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Throughout this entire semester I continuously wondered when the real senioritis would kick in. I went through this whole semester and about half way through is when it really hit. I also have realized what my three friends were going through and how they were feeling right about now. The motivation is lacking and the drive to succeed is no longer there. However, I do have some advice on how to survive this terrible, self diagnosed illness.

1. You don’t really have it until you are senior.

I must say that there are so many people that say, “Oh, I definitely have senioritis and I’m not even a senior.” No, you don’t. Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel creates an entirely new perspective for a person. Knowing that you are so close, yet you still have to do homework and listen to people tell you what to do become extremely difficult. I think this is because you are adult. Most of us are working already and beginning to function without the help of our parents, yet people are still telling us we have to do this or that. If you aren’t a senior, just wait, you will understand what senioritis truly is very soon.

2. People know you don’t care.

This is a blessing and a curse. Most everyone knows that you don’t care. Older and younger people feel you pain, because they have either been in the same situation or they can relate to you. It really isn’t that you don’t care, it really is that you just don’t have the motivation to do anything. I struggle with understanding how certain things are actually going to benefit me. I have talked to my three friends and hearing some of the things that don’t actually matter in the real world doesn’t help me to accomplish much either. This leads me into my next tip.

3. Don’t ruin people’s image of you.

This is probably the hardest one to do. I have joked all this semester about being an under achiever. There are many times when I have just wanted to be lazy and not go to class or do an assignment, but that doesn’t help me much. Our professors work hard to provide the material they teach, so just do what they ask you to do. It’s going to suck, but just deal with it. Speaking for myself, I want to leave my University having been successful and not letting my last year ruin everything for me.

4. At least try.

This is pretty self explanatory. At least try to do what you’re asked. Even if it isn’t your best work (which your professor will know anyway) at least you can say you tried. At one point this semester I really didn’t want to do an assignment, but I just tried and I felt a lot better about myself afterward for it. Trying is the easiest way to at least sort of get through things.

5. Breathe and know you can do it.

The fact of the matter is that things will get done. Whether they are done well or an hour before, they seem to always get done. Stressing about something only hurts you, there is no reason to stress. I survived two of the hardest classes I have ever taken and I did pretty well in both of them. This is the perfect example of just taking a deep breath and getting your stuff done. Who knows you might actually do well.

As I wrap up this semester and prepare for my last semester of school ever, I am scared. The fear is truly there, but there is also some excitement looming around as well. I can’t wait to embrace every moment this last semester has to offer and I am going to continue to remember these tips because they will be even more important when the light gets closer and closer. Here’s to the first semester of senior year being done and growing up. What tips do you have for surviving senioritis?



Here is my complete Alpha Phi family! Big is at the very top, along with my little and two grandlittles.


This is the new Alpha Phi President. I can’t wait to see what she’s going to accomplish.


These are my gals. My right and left hand women. This year would have been impossible without them by my side.


My beautiful executive council. We did amazing work this year thanks to them.

After officially ending my year as President of Alpha Phi, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on my time as a member. From the second I read my bid card telling me I was a sister in the sorority, I knew my life was about to make some serious changes. I never could have known what kind of changes they would be.

I immediately found so many sisters whom I looked up to and who inspired me in different ways. I began to grow and discover who I was because of them. It wasn’t until my sophomore year going into my junior year when I really discovered my place in Alpha Phi. I held my first position on the executive council and started to see what things I could do to impact the Fraternity.

I was then selected to attend the Education Leadership Institute, where I learned how to be an effective leader in my chapter and where I finally found the courage to run for President. The night I was elected changed me in so many ways. I suddenly had huge shoes to fill, because I remember the President my freshman year and how she impacted me so much.

Looking back on this year, I am so proud of the changes we have made to this amazing chapter. We set our goals and we achieved them better than I could have ever imagined. The time I spent in office shaped me into an effective leader and taught me so many things not only about myself, but prepared me for my future. I feel now, more than ever that I am leaving this chapter in good hands and will continue to become an amazing chapter.

I can’t wait to see the great things that will begin to happen and I am even more excited to become a regular member again and soon to be alumnae of Alpha Phi.

Alpha Phi Creed

I believe in my Fraternity.

I believe in the friendships formed
in the springtime of my youth.

I believe in its high ideals
which lift me up beyond myself.

I believe in its earnest drive for good scholarship,
moral character, and genuine culture.

I believe in it as a shrine of
international sisterhood wherein
I may find love and loyalty,
sympathy and understanding, inspiration
and opportunity.

I believe in it as a creator of good citizenship,
helping me to do my work well,
to live in harmony with others, and
to serve my country and to trust in God.

I believe in my Fraternity.
I believe in Alpha Phi.

 -Annette Holt Hitchcock, (Pi-North Dakota) 1912

As Thanksgiving approaches, the excitement of the holidays is upon us. Recently, I have received a lot of backlash because of my lack of Christmas spirit. Christmas isn’t my favorite holiday. I have been compared to the Grinch by many thus far. It’s not that I don’t like Christmas, it’s that I don’t like everything that comes with it.

However, I will say that the one thing Christmas brings is a nice, long break. During this break, I am looking forward to seeing Big, Jackson, and OMW. The end of this semester has been so crazy that seeing them almost never happens. This is the positive I have discovered in the joyful Christmas music and decorations everywhere.

The holidays also bring time with family. I can’t wait to sit on the couch with my mom and catch up on all of our TV shows. I guess the moral of this post is that regardless of this holiday, I am looking forward to some time off and time spent with friends and family. Bring on the red and green.

The reality that my first semester of my senior year is almost over really kicked in this past weekend. Three huge things happened in my life this weekend that could potentially change the course of the rest of my life. 

The first thing that happened:

I had my phone interview for a position I want so badly with my sorority. It took place Friday morning. Phone interviews are weird. You can’t see the expression of the other people. You can’t tell what they are thinking or if you are doing a good job. I think it went really well, but now the waiting game begins to see if I make to the next round of interviews. The fact that I am applying and interviewing for jobs is crazy. It only makes me more aware of the fact that I only have one more semester of school left. It is shocking, yet also so exciting.

The second thing that happened:

I won a pageant. Now this is still setting in because I took a year off and thought I would never compete again. Guess that plan changed. My whole view of pageants has completely and the way I carry myself throughout them is different as well. Something clicked in that year off. Maybe I grew up a lot. I am just so much more comfortable with myself and who I am and what I can do. It showed Saturday night and I walked away with a crown and title. I also walked away with this amazing opportunity to go out in my community and spread awareness for my platform. The biggest part of this, is that I will compete for the title of Miss Oklahoma in June. Winning Miss Oklahoma is a complete game changer for my life.

The third thing that happened:

Elections. Sunday evening a new President of Alpha Phi was elected along with a new executive board. My year as President seemed to fly by. I now get to pass the amazing experience onto one of my best friends. I get to watch her grow and change into a young women and a strong leader. As I wrap up my year as President, I look forward to next semester. I get to be a regular member again. Someone who just comes to meeting and participates. I no longer have to lead or be responsible for the members. It will be an adjustment, but I am truly looking forward to it. 

All of these things compiled together made for an exhilarating weekend. It was full of fun and full of promise for the future. I am getting excited to see what life is going to bring to me. I am ready. Ready to grow up and be me.

The four of us, me, Jackson, Big, and OMW were finally reunited this past weekend at homecoming. It was a great feeling to get to see all of them and catch up even if it was just for a short period of time. It was the first time we have all been at the same  place and same time in a really long time. The thing that threw me off the whole night was the alum sticker they were all wearing. Now, I know what you’re thinking, why that? I honestly have no idea. Other than the fact that it made reality hit hard.

The alum sticker signified that they were old. That they had moved on to bigger and better things. The alum sticker caught my attention in ways nothing had before. It was weird, but in the same breath, it also made me realize that I am almost to that point in my life. Next year, I will be wearing that alum sticker. I will be the one that comes back and sees all of my old friends and recalls all of the good times.

The alum sticker signified something different, a change. It signified that I am growing up and will soon be in their place.

Here we are and would you look at that little blue sticker on each of their shirts.

Here we are and would you look at that little blue sticker on each of their shirts.

Well, it is that time of the year again. The time when Greek life pulls together all of its resources and somehow manages to survive a week from hell. Literally, no sleep, junk food galore, and brutal competition. Now I will say that we do try to refrain from that last bit as much as possible, but it truly is a fight for that trophy.

When I think about all of the hard work that goes into homecoming year after year, I struggle to believe this is my last homecoming as a collegian. Every year we pull together a banner, a window, a spirit structure, and a whole lip sync performance and we just barely kill each other in the process.

This year, I don’t have Big here to help me. Last year we pulled our brains together and came up with one of the most amazing spirit structures I have ever seen. This year I am all alone in this, and it is weird. Truly this post is to reminisce on the past homecomings I’ve had with sisters, with Big and OMW, and how much fun it is in the end.


This is my right hand women! I can’t imagine going through Homecoming this year without her.


Here is Big, OMW, and I at Homecoming my freshman, their sophomore year. Boy have the three of us changed.


Here is OMW and I at one of the Homecoming games. We are pretending to have crowns on our head, because that’s what we do.


These are just a few of my sisters and I preparing for the Lip Sync competition. Man were we goofy looking.


Big and I built this amazing 18 feet tall spirit structure last year that resembled the Gold Star Building. It was amazing.


Just casually acting as one of the Miss America Statues in the Lip Sync Competition.


Here is Big and I and another sister at the Homecoming game last year. It won’t be the same without her.


Another picture of the fabulous structure. I still can’t believe we achieved that.

The daunting task of enrolling is approaching quickly. As I am preparing to enroll for the last semester of my undergraduate career, many things are going through my head. I am taken back to last year when OMW, Big, and Jackson were going through this same situation.

The idea of finding a job is becoming more real every day. The joke about, “I have about a year to figure it out” is beginning to turn into “I need to figure out what I’m going to do right about now.”

My three friends bring me back to reality. I look to what the three of them are doing. How they got to where they currently are, and I don’t worry as much. They each are doing something they are so passionate about and when I talk to them, my stress level decreases immensely. I know that it will all work out and that there is a plan lied out for me, I just have to keep trucking to stay on the path.

On Thursday when I make my class decisions for next semester, I will look forward to the times I am going to have. I will no longer dread next semester, but be excited to start new. I want to leave a legacy behind at OCU like my three friends did. I want my Professors to remember big things I accomplished here. I want to make people who have given so much to me, proud. I want to leave OCU with a bang!