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Well, it is that time of the year again. The time when Greek life pulls together all of its resources and somehow manages to survive a week from hell. Literally, no sleep, junk food galore, and brutal competition. Now I will say that we do try to refrain from that last bit as much as possible, but it truly is a fight for that trophy.

When I think about all of the hard work that goes into homecoming year after year, I struggle to believe this is my last homecoming as a collegian. Every year we pull together a banner, a window, a spirit structure, and a whole lip sync performance and we just barely kill each other in the process.

This year, I don’t have Big here to help me. Last year we pulled our brains together and came up with one of the most amazing spirit structures I have ever seen. This year I am all alone in this, and it is weird. Truly this post is to reminisce on the past homecomings I’ve had with sisters, with Big and OMW, and how much fun it is in the end.


This is my right hand women! I can’t imagine going through Homecoming this year without her.


Here is Big, OMW, and I at Homecoming my freshman, their sophomore year. Boy have the three of us changed.


Here is OMW and I at one of the Homecoming games. We are pretending to have crowns on our head, because that’s what we do.


These are just a few of my sisters and I preparing for the Lip Sync competition. Man were we goofy looking.


Big and I built this amazing 18 feet tall spirit structure last year that resembled the Gold Star Building. It was amazing.


Just casually acting as one of the Miss America Statues in the Lip Sync Competition.


Here is Big and I and another sister at the Homecoming game last year. It won’t be the same without her.


Another picture of the fabulous structure. I still can’t believe we achieved that.


The daunting task of enrolling is approaching quickly. As I am preparing to enroll for the last semester of my undergraduate career, many things are going through my head. I am taken back to last year when OMW, Big, and Jackson were going through this same situation.

The idea of finding a job is becoming more real every day. The joke about, “I have about a year to figure it out” is beginning to turn into “I need to figure out what I’m going to do right about now.”

My three friends bring me back to reality. I look to what the three of them are doing. How they got to where they currently are, and I don’t worry as much. They each are doing something they are so passionate about and when I talk to them, my stress level decreases immensely. I know that it will all work out and that there is a plan lied out for me, I just have to keep trucking to stay on the path.

On Thursday when I make my class decisions for next semester, I will look forward to the times I am going to have. I will no longer dread next semester, but be excited to start new. I want to leave a legacy behind at OCU like my three friends did. I want my Professors to remember big things I accomplished here. I want to make people who have given so much to me, proud. I want to leave OCU with a bang!

1. Don’t get the stomach bug

Yes, on this wonderful break I am stuck on the couch. Thankfully it’s not as bad as other bugs have been, but still. I was hoping over my last fall break I would hang out with friends. That I would catch up on some TV shows. Oh, and that I would spend a lot of time in the gym. Instead, I have been stuck on the couch, sleeping and not eating a thing. Needless to say, it has been splendid.


2. Start a new show on Netflix

The hype these days is about the show Breaking Bad. What a better time to start the show than when I have no other choice. I will say that now I am pretty addicted and it is taking over a lot of my time. This may not be a good thing considering we start school tomorrow. I still have three seasons to go. So relax and start a new show that you never thought you had time to watch. Who cares if you don’t finish it. You will find the time eventually.


3. Don’t get caught up in your priorities

People have been telling me over and over again to take advantage of fall break. Take advantage? Does that mean get things done that I won’t have time to do? Well that is not fun. My motto in life is that everything will end up getting done, whether it is five days before or one hour before. Now, the hour before might be horrible quality, but it’s still done. My advice is to not get caught up in the little things. Fall break is supposed to be just that, a break. So take a break and forget what NEEDS to be done, and do what you WANT to do.


4. Sleep

I can’t say it enough. Turn your phone on silent and just sleep. Whenever you start thinking about things you have to do, you don’t enjoy yourself. Sleep in the middle of the day. Sleep later in the morning. Go to bed earlier than you normally would. Just sleep.


5. Don’t be afraid of snapping back into reality

Easier said than done. As I start back to the hectic schedule tomorrow I keep telling myself that I will make it through. Don’t be afraid of getting back into the swing of things. If you dread it, it will just be harder to do. Look back and realize you have had a tease of a break. Then, think forward and remember you only have a few more weeks until Christmas Break.


All of these steps, if taken, will ensure you have a fabulous senior fall break. Halfway through the semester never felt so good. Now it’s time to buckle down and get through the rest of it…successfully.

I can’t even begin to tell you about how great my past week has been. I was finally reunited with Jackson and Big after such a long break. We had the opportunity to finally catch up on life, and it felt so good to get some things out there that I’ve been keeping bottled up because they weren’t around. I actually just got back from doing some interview prep for Miss OCU and Jackson and Big tagged along. It was a fun car ride and I still just continue to learn so much from each of them. We caught up about life and what’s happening career wise.

Big is working so hard and she is amazing at what she does. She is basically the social media queen. It’s really cool to hear her ideas and what new things she is implementing in her job. Jackson is also doing fabulous at his job, he is so passionate about raising funds and awareness about the organization, it is right up his ally.

As for OMW, I talked to her the other day and she is still doing great. It is weird not seeing her that much since we were constantly together last year. She cut her hair really short, so that is something extremely different about her. She couldn’t make it to interview prep tonight because she is busy doing her event planning, but we all support her.

Hopefully in the near future we will all be reunited and catch up as the four best friends we are. It is definitely getting a little easier each week to deal with them not being here, but I’m finding my path. I think it makes it a lot easier when I get to see them every once in a while, so I’m going to make it a goal to accomplish that.


This is Big, Jackson and me catching up. It was great to see them again.

As fall is finally here and the weather is so nice (well most days anyway), I am taken back to last fall and all of the fun things that happen at this time in the year! There are parties, dances, homecoming, and so much more. One thing that has been very different for me this year is I feel as though I no longer have my companions. I thought it would be cool to share some photos of some of those really fun memories I made with Old Married Woman, Big, and Jackson (check out the friend bios page for more info).

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Those days were a blast, and that’s not to say that I am not having so much fun my senior year, the dynamics have just changed. It has been a pretty hard week without my best friends to sit and eat breakfast with or talk to during an editing class, and I am still getting used to not having them here all the time. Fall is here and its time to start the change in my life with learning from all three of them and starting to understand what kinds of things I should be doing at this point in my senior year.