538740_3563145124160_1729160987_nMeet Old Married Woman (OMW)! This was my roommate all during my junior year and her senior year. We met my senior year of high school competing in Miss Oklahoma Pageants together. We didn’t click right away, but as time went by our relationship became so much more. OMW was a person I could confide in about life and what I was going through. She is still a huge role model to me and was throughout my junior year. Right after she graduated she married the most wonderful man and they are just living the life. She has an awesome job in event planning and she seems to be really happy!



525612_3051404090954_1570567846_nMeet Big! Where do I even begin with this girl. My freshman year I rushed Alpha Phi sorority and this girl instantly became someone I would be friends with for a long time. She is my big sis in the sorority and another one of my greatest role models. She brings out the fun side of me by dragging me out to socialize and have a good time. She got a job a little before graduation in Public Relations as well. I talk to her pretty much everyday about numerous things and our relationship is only slightly different!




407042_4686808455041_539866805_nMeet Jackson! This one is probably the most carefree out of all of us, but at the same time still gets what he needs to done. He has helped me out in so many different ways, and I think we share a relationship unlike the others. He is more of a big brother to me, someone who tells me what I should be doing, what I shouldn’t be doing, who to date, who definitely not to date. Jackson also knows how to have fun. Big and Jackson are like brother and sister, they fight, they makeup, and they tell me what to do! Since they are extremely close, it was weird watching them go through graduation and become adults together when I had only seen them in the collegiate capacity.


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