1. Don’t get the stomach bug

Yes, on this wonderful break I am stuck on the couch. Thankfully it’s not as bad as other bugs have been, but still. I was hoping over my last fall break I would hang out with friends. That I would catch up on some TV shows. Oh, and that I would spend a lot of time in the gym. Instead, I have been stuck on the couch, sleeping and not eating a thing. Needless to say, it has been splendid.


2. Start a new show on Netflix

The hype these days is about the show Breaking Bad. What a better time to start the show than when I have no other choice. I will say that now I am pretty addicted and it is taking over a lot of my time. This may not be a good thing considering we start school tomorrow. I still have three seasons to go. So relax and start a new show that you never thought you had time to watch. Who cares if you don’t finish it. You will find the time eventually.


3. Don’t get caught up in your priorities

People have been telling me over and over again to take advantage of fall break. Take advantage? Does that mean get things done that I won’t have time to do? Well that is not fun. My motto in life is that everything will end up getting done, whether it is five days before or one hour before. Now, the hour before might be horrible quality, but it’s still done. My advice is to not get caught up in the little things. Fall break is supposed to be just that, a break. So take a break and forget what NEEDS to be done, and do what you WANT to do.


4. Sleep

I can’t say it enough. Turn your phone on silent and just sleep. Whenever you start thinking about things you have to do, you don’t enjoy yourself. Sleep in the middle of the day. Sleep later in the morning. Go to bed earlier than you normally would. Just sleep.


5. Don’t be afraid of snapping back into reality

Easier said than done. As I start back to the hectic schedule tomorrow I keep telling myself that I will make it through. Don’t be afraid of getting back into the swing of things. If you dread it, it will just be harder to do. Look back and realize you have had a tease of a break. Then, think forward and remember you only have a few more weeks until Christmas Break.


All of these steps, if taken, will ensure you have a fabulous senior fall break. Halfway through the semester never felt so good. Now it’s time to buckle down and get through the rest of it…successfully.